Erase Your Muscle Pains with Pain O Soma

Erase Your Muscle Pains with Pain O Soma

Muscle injuries can be very painful. It can get in the way of your usual daily activities. Simple things like getting up and moving around the house can be difficult because of the pain. Pain O Soma can help.

What is Pain O Soma?

Carisoprodol or Pain O Soma is a muscle relaxant. In the body, it blocks the action of certain hormones that contribute to pain sensation. These hormones promote the transmission of pain signals gathered by the nerve endings located in the skin and muscles. These signals are then transmitted to the brain. Once the signal reaches the brain, pain is recognized.

By blocking the signal transmission, carisoprodol effectively relieves pain. This action works for pain caused by musculoskeletal injuries and conditions.

This medication works better if it is combined with proper physical therapy. Rest is also an important factor towards faster and more effective relief of symptoms.

Aside from pain relief in musculoskeletal conditions and injuries, Pain O Soma is also known to treat other conditions. These unlisted uses are best availed of under the supervision of a medical health professional.
A few additional things to know about carisoprodol

The medication can be effective for pain relief. However, it can be habit-forming. It is highly recommended to use the drug only after consulting a doctor.

This is not advisable for use by people who have a history of drug abuse or any form of addiction. People should carefully follow the prescription order about dosage and schedule of intake. Nobody should take the drug without seeking medical consultation first.

The drug also has a tendency to cause withdrawal symptoms if intake is stopped abruptly. This is another reason why working with a medical professional when taking the medication is very important.
Medications should be taken on time. Dosages are tapered until the treatment program is gradually discontinued. Missing doses, changing dosages erratically, and abruptly stopping medications will not produce favorable results. Side effects and more serious adverse effects are more likely to develop.

Where to Buy

This medication requires a prescription so it isn’t available in just about any store. One reputable place to get carisoprodol is through the website Medications from this site is assumed to be real and unadulterated.

Side Effects

Blocking pain signals is not the only action that the medication does in the body. It can cause side effects such as drowsiness and dizziness. It can also cause impaired thinking or reactions.

Safety precautions should be exercised while under medication. Avoid activities that will require focus or full alertness. No driving or operating of dangerous machinery must be done.

Dizziness may increase the risk of falls. Limit activities to things that do not require coordinated movements such as walking up and down the stairs.
Allergies and other precautions.

Some of the active and inactive ingredients in the medication may trigger some allergic reactions. Do not take carisoprodol if you have allergies to this or any other medication. People with porphyria are also advised not to take this medication.

Doctors also advise against taking Pain O Soma if there are diseases affecting the kidneys or the liver present. People with seizure disorders are also advised not to take the medication.


There is no fixed dose for everyone who wants to use carisoprodol. Dosages are adjusted depending on the person’s degree of pain and type of injury. The age, weight and overall health status will be considered. The person’s unique response or tolerance to the medication is also an important factor. This is another reason why it is important to work closely with a doctor. Dosages may have to be adjusted to produce optimum effects while reducing the side effects.

Administration Guidelines

Take the medication according to the prescribed dose and schedule. Take it with a full glass of water. This helps with proper absorption. Never make any changes in the dosage without a doctor’s prescription. Adverse reactions, withdrawal symptoms and/or overdosage may occur.

Never miss or skip a dose. Never double or half a dose, either. Take any missed doses as soon as you remember it. However, if the schedule for the next dose is already close, better to skip the missed dose. Taking doses too close to each other may be equivalent to doubling a dose. This is highly unsafe.

In case of Overdosage

Signs and symptoms of overdosage include:

• Pupils appear enlarged, dilated, or bigger
• Change in consciousness
• Blurred vision
• Troubled or difficulty breathing
• Irregular, shallow, or fast or slow breathing
• Confusion as to time, place, or person
• False beliefs that won’t be changed by facts
• Hallucinations
• Unusual or false sense of well-being
• Spasms of the eyelid or increased blinking
• Inability to move the eyes
• Uncontrolled eye movements
• Increased sensitivity of the eyes to light
• Loss of consciousness
• Muscle tightness or stiffness
• Sticking out of the tongue
• Blue or pale lips, skin, or fingernails
• Trouble with swallowing, breathing, or speaking
• Unusual facial expressions
• Uncontrolled twisting movements of the legs, arms, trunk, or neck
• Unusual nervousness, restlessness, or excitement
• Weakness of the arms and legs

Should any of these appear, seek emergency medical help. Do not wait for things to worsen.


Aside from following the prescription strictly, there are few more precautions to follow to ensure safety in taking carisoprodol. This medication is among the very few pain medications considered to be safe; care is still important to avoid any untoward circumstances. Pregnant women are advised not to take this medication. Safety to the unborn child has not yet been firmly established. Better to be on the safer side of things.
People younger than 12 years old are also not advised to take this medication.

Other Precautions

Standard precautions for taking any medications should also be applied. For instance, always check the expiry date and the dosage on the label. Keep the medication in its original container, with the proper labels. Keep the medication out of reach of pets and children.

The medication should be properly stored to keep its potency. Storage temperature should range from 15 to 30 degrees Celsius. Keep the medicine and the container away from dampness and from direct sunlight. These can affect the medication’s potency.

Remember, this medication is effective and safe for use. Care should always be exercised to get the optimum benefits and limit the risks for any untoward incidents.