Pain o Soma – Solution for Muscle Pain and Tension

Pain o Soma – Solution for Muscle Pain and Tension

Pain o Soma is a muscle relaxant. It is a short-term treatment for musculoskeletal pain and spasms. Usually recommended for use in combination with physical therapy, rest, and other pain management treatments, it works by relaxing the muscles to alleviate muscle discomfort and pain.


Pain o Soma is available in tablet form. It comes in 250 mg, 350 mg, and 500 mg tablets. Doctors usually recommend patients to take a tablet three times a day and at bedtime for 2 or 3 weeks.

Use of Pain o Soma is usually limited to three weeks unless your doctor prescribes otherwise. Make sure to consult your doctor before increasing your dose. You should refrain from using Pain o Soma more often or for a longer duration than that prescribed by your physician. Doing so is not likely to alleviate the pain faster. It may only increase the possibility of side effects.

Side Effects

Like most medications, Pain o Soma may have certain side effects.
Patients usually report the following common side effects:
• Headaches
• Drowsiness
• Wooziness or lightheadedness
• Irritability
• Sleep problems

These side effects are usually mild and may disappear after a few days. If you experience severe or protracted side effects, do not hesitate to talk with your doctor.

Some patients have reported the following more serious reactions to the drug:

• Nervousness
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Abdominal pain
• Hives
• Allergic reactions, including rashes, swelling (throat, lips, face, or tongue) and itching
• Low blood pressure
• Fainting
• Tremors
• Seizures
• Abnormal heartbeat

If you experience any of these side effects, call your doctor right away. If you have more serious side effects which you think are really severe or life-threatening, call 911 immediately.
Individuals may react to the same drug in different ways. Thus, it is best to consult with a doctor who is familiar with your medical history before you take Pain o Soma.

Drug Interaction

If you are taking medications for other health conditions, these drugs may change the way you respond to Pain o Soma. They can prevent the tablet from working effectively.
Before you use Pain o Soma as a treatment for muscle pain, confer with your doctor. Tell him if you have other medical conditions. Give him a list of all the medications (both prescription and non-prescription), herbal preparations, or vitamins that you are taking.

Pain o Soma may be contraindicated if you are allergic to mebutamate, tybamate, or meprobamate. It is also contraindicated for people with a history of liver disease, kidney disease, and seizure disorders like epilepsy, acute intermittent porphyria, or addiction to alcohol or drugs.

Your physician should know if you are taking the following products:

• Zolpiden, lorazepam, or alprazolam for anxiety or sleep disorders
• Methocarbamol or cyclobenzaprine for muscle pain
• Hydrocodone or codeine for cough relief
• Diphenhydramine, cetirizine, or other antihistamines
• Marijuana
• Alcohol
• Other products that may cause sleepiness or drowsiness

If your doctor is well-informed about all the details involving your overall health condition, he will be in a better position to give you safe advice about Pain o Soma.


If you overdose on Pain o Soma, you may find it difficult to breathe or experience a fainting spell.

Make sure that you are familiar with the symptoms of overdose which include:

• Severe dizziness or stupor
• Seizure
• Hallucinations
• Shallow breathing
• Confusion
• Blurred Vision
• Shaky or uncoordinated movement
• Difficulty in moving arms or legs

If you have any of these symptoms at a disturbing degree, put a call through 911 right away.

Missed Dose

What should you do in case you miss a dose of Pain o Soma?
Take the dose as soon as possible. However, if you are scheduled to take the next dose in a few hours, omit the skipped dose. Carry on with your customary dosing schedule. Do not try to catch up by doubling your dose.


It is important to keep Pain o Soma away from moisture and sun exposure. Refrain from storing it in the bathroom, which typically has a high degree of humidity.
Make sure to keep your medications away from the reach of pets and kids.


• Pain o Soma contains a range of inactive ingredients. Before you use the drug, make sure to tell your doctor so you can find out if you have no allergies to any of these ingredients.
• Provide your physician with your medical record. This will help him determine what dosage to prescribe for you.
• Pain o Soma is not recommended for individuals 12 years old or under.
• Do not use the drug if you are pregnant, unless prescribed or supervised by your doctor.
• Consult your doctor about the use of Pain o Soma if you are a nursing mother. Research indicates that some of the active ingredients in the drug may be absorbed in the breast milk, and may affect your baby’s health.
• Pain o Soma may cause you to feel drowsy or dizzy. Make sure that you do not use heavy machinery, drive, or engage in activities that require quick reflexes and top-notch alertness.
• If you are through with your Pain o Soma treatment and you have some left-over pills that you want to dispose of, ask your local waste disposal or your pharmacist on how to properly dispose of the product. Do the same with expired pills. Refrain from pouring medications down the drain or flushing them down your toilet, unless these are the specific instructions you get.
• Pain o soma may be habit-forming. Take it as prescribed by your doctor. Do not share your pills with other people, especially those who have a record of addiction or drug or alcohol abuse.
• Keep your intake of alcohol low – or avoid alcohol altogether, during your treatment involving the use of Pain o soma. Alcohol tends to increase the degree of dizziness or drowsiness you may experience as a result of taking the drug.

Where to Buy Pain o soma

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