Simple Ways to Improve Our Health

Everybody is busy being successful and achieving his or her dreams. There is always a sense of urgency in everything that we do. People are so occupied winning life’s “race” that they forget the really important thing.


Living in the hurried and fast-paced generation is taking its toll on our health. Every year, we often make resolutions to be healthier. Exercise daily. Quit alcohol. Strictly no-carb.


These are such significant life alterations that we often find it hard to maintain. Taking huge steps in improving our health is a good idea. But, it is often futile because people are too busy with life to be dedicated to such efforts.


How about this time you start with something small? Start with something that you can include in your daily activities like walking to and from the office, breathing exercises, and drinking water before going to bed.


These simple changes in your lifestyle can make a huge impact on your health over time. These are some health improvement tips to make a positive impact on your life, such as the following:

  1. Build positivity

The competitive world is producing stressed out and overwhelmed humans. Get rid of the idea that you have to be constantly working to become successful. Rest and recovery are crucial parts of the path towards a successful and happy life. Research shows that mental health has a significant impact on one’s well-being.


Positivity and health have an indisputable link. So, allot an hour or two for your “me” time. Do something that makes you happy. Write a journal, read a book, and play with your dog. Focus on the good things, however small or silly they may be. If you ever caught yourself feeling harried, breathe and refocus. Remember to put your happiness above all else.


  1. No to excess salt and sugar

Cut back on excess salts and sugars. Consumption of added sugars is proven to increase our risk of developing diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. Too much sodium can harm our body’s kidney. It can lead to kidney failure, hypertension, and stroke.

Loose the processed food. Alter your recipe and make it less sugary and salty. You can still create a savory meal by using herbs and spices. Consume fresh fruit juices in exchange for processed drinks.

  1. Eat your greens and fruits

Vegetables and fruits are part of a healthy diet. They are natural sources of vitamins and minerals that our body needs. Start with something small, like eating two kinds of vegetables or fruit each day. Try making fresh vegetable and fruit smoothies every morning before work.

By eating healthier, you will have the energy and concentration to face the stresses of life.

  1. Get a good night’s sleep

A good night’s sleep is as important as a healthy diet. Stick to a sleeping pattern or routine. Get eight hours of sleep every night. The right amount of sleep will give our body a chance to repair and strengthen our cells. During sleep, your heart also gets a chance to rest. Your brain will have time to process every information you gathered throughout the day. Proper sleep will give you a sharper mind and a happier mood.

  1. Drink your water

However busy you are, try to find time and drink water now and then. Instead of getting your usual morning coffee, why not drink water instead. Almost everyone overlooks the importance of proper hydration.

Water is part of a healthy diet. It flushes out waste and toxins out of our bodies. It helps in our digestions, aids in weight management, increases alertness and cognitive reactions of the brain, and many more.

Water is life.

  1. Enjoy the sun

Sun exposure (6 am – 8 am) is a vital part of our health, especially during the adolescent period. Sunlight is the best source of Vitamin D. Vitamin D commands gut cells to absorb phosphorous and calcium. These two minerals are responsible for maintaining our bones’ strength.

Exposure to sunlight also increases our body’s serotonin levels. Serotonin is the so-called “happy hormone”. It regulates our appetite, sleep, and mood.

  1. Exercise and stretch it out

Incorporate natural exercises into your daily routine, such as biking when going to work, taking the stairs instead of using the elevator, and walking your dog during your free time. All these are simple exercises that you can slip into your daily schedule.

  1. Stop the vices

As much as we hate to admit it, smoking and alcohol have no benefit at all. These harmful vices will take a toll on your health, especially during your senior years. Plenty of health problems accompany excessive smoking and drinking. Kicking the habit can improve the quality of your life. For heavy smokers and drinkers, quitting abruptly can cause withdrawal symptoms. Consult a health professional to manage and support you during the process.

  1. Listen to your body

When you experience sudden and unusual pain or ache, do not try to be a superhuman. Consult your doctor immediately. These small conditions can be a precursor of a serious ailment. Listen to what your body needs. Get rid of the anxiety that says not to take medication.

Misconception on medication, especially painkillers, among non-health workers is abundant. Misconception and misinformation only cause further health problems in the future.

FDA approved painkillers for a reason. Like Tramadol, for example.

Tramadol helps relieve severe pain. It mainly affects the brain, changing its response to pain. Tramadol relieves extreme pain of patients with arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and chronic migraine.

Although Tramadol is derived from opioids, it has a low probability of causing addiction than other painkillers. Tramadol is a prescription drug. Take it exactly as directed by your physician.

  1. Surround yourself with good vibes

The people who surround you have a significant impact on your health. Spend time with loved ones and true friends. These people are free sources of happiness and energy. They will inspire you and bring out the best version of yourself. The world might be a terrible place. But, it is much bearable with a true friend in tow.



Take these small steps and see if it make a big difference in your overall health.