We are fully aware that purchasing generic drugs and medications online requires plenty of trust from our customers. It is an incalculable risk that our new and potential customers are faced with whenever they come across our website or any online shop. Our recurring customers, however, have attested to our legibility and credibility as an authorized online seller and supplier of registered drugs.

If you are new to our site, we would like to guarantee our withstanding commitment to provide medical products that would greatly benefit our customers. It is our duty to inform you of the quality of our products and reliability of our customer service to ease your mind whenever you place your orders with us.

If you find it doubtful or too risky for you to purchase generic drugs and medical products through the online platform of Tramoda, please feel free to contact us with any of your product-related concerns. If it is your first time doing business with us, we are more than happy to send you a sample to try out our products in order to help you with any feeling of unease and doubt with online drug purchase.

Additionally, if you have already purchased our products and are not 100% satisfied with them, please allow us to work with you so we can assist you with your concerns with utmost care and attention.

Our customers are of great importance and high value. Your feedback and satisfaction are our top priority. We recognize the importance of your transactions with us as the bloodline of our business. Therefore, we want to make sure that each product that is purchased from Tramoda is received with the highest customer satisfaction we can provide.

In Tramoda, we stand by and boast of our high-quality drugs and products. We are a company dedicated to bringing the best generic drugs you can buy online. We are highly confident that our customers will be delighted with each purchase of Tramoda products.

Therefore, should you, for any valid reason, find our products subpar and unsatisfactory, we would gladly hear from you and address your concerns. Tramoda’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee will take you through your entitlement as customers.

If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, contact us within 30 days upon the date when the order was made and we will promptly assess your concern for possible issuance of a full refund of the product’s purchase price or replacement of ordered products. Please refer to our Returns and Exchange Policy explained below for additional details on how to process refund, replacement, and exchange.

We promise to help you with your disappointing purchase as much as we can without having to ask unnecessary questions. As much as we value your business with Tramoda, we also value customer trust and loyalty. Our business is grounded on the loyalty and long-term relationship we wish to establish with our customers through our high-grade medical products and unparalleled customer service.

By introducing our customers to risk-free online transactions and purchases with Tramoda, we try to provide them with the same confidence that we have for our products, as well as our aftersales services.

Do you have any issues and concerns with your recent purchase? Are you interested in purchasing our products? Contact us and let us help you! It’s that simple!

Return and Exchange Policy

All products offered by Tramoda are backed with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We strive to give our customers the best generic drugs you can get online. As proof of our boosted confidence to our products, we offer our customers a 30-day full refund or product replacement guarantee. As long as the complaint or request is filed within 30 days from the date of purchase, our customers will be qualified for return and exchange of products from Tramoda.

Please note that the Return and Exchange Policy will only include products that were directly purchased from the Tramoda website. Products purchased from third-party retailers and other suppliers will not be considered and subjected for refund or exchange. Should your purchase be not qualified for a full refund or product replacement, you can further discuss the situation with us so that we can come up with an amicable and fair settlement.

Please read our Return and Exchange Policy thoroughly so as not to bring any misunderstanding or confusion. Our guarantee is laid out as simply as we can to provide hassle-free customer service process. You can ask us should you need any clarifications.

Here are the steps to follow on how you can request for a refund or replacement of unsatisfactory products. It is advisable to file your requests as soon as you can to prevent possible delays on replacement or returns due to shipment issues. Customers are entitled with a 30-day return and exchange guarantee subject to requirements and fair restrictions that are stated below. Nevertheless, please know that we will work with your concern straightaway to ensure fair processing.

  1. Send us a message through our Contact Us page, which you can navigate on our website. Fill out the form completely to address your concern. We will need your personal information – name, contact number, and email address – for the concern to be processed.
  2. Discuss your complaint in full detail. This includes your reason for your complaint, order number, and item of concern.
  3. Once we receive your request, we will get back to you as soon as possible in order to discuss our full course of action for your concern. One of our friendly and proficient customer service representatives will reach out to you, through the contact details that you have provided, in order to further discuss a suitable solution.

You will be advised on whether you are eligible for a full refund, partial refund, or product replacement. You will also be given complete instructions on how to return the product, preferably through FedEx, UPS, or Insured Parcel Post.

  1. Should you be entitled to a full or partial refund, you will be given credits for the price of the items purchased. These credits shall be applied to your account and can be used on your next purchase. Otherwise, the order will be refunded in the amount specified through the payment method you used – credit card, Bitcoins, or E-checks.
  2. For product replacement, the new item will be shipped out by Tramoda as soon as your initially delivered item is shipped for return. If the original item is not returned for shipment to Tramoda, replacement order will be charged on top of the initial order of the customer.
  3. For faster return and exchange transactions, make sure to present your order slip or receipt for proper verification of orders. You may also need to show a valid picture ID for identification. Insufficient proof and verification of order may result in disapproved product returns and exchanges.
  4. Tramoda also allows product exchanges should you find another product from our website, that is different from the one you ordered, that you wish to purchase instead of the initial order you made. Difference in value will be settled prior to the exchange of products – either deducted from or refunded to your payment method of choice.
  5. If the products for exchange are not yet shipped or received, you can contact us and discuss the details of the exchange. Expect the new product to be delivered instead of the initial item ordered.
  6. If the product requested for an exchange is either ready for shipment or already delivered and received, you will be required to ship back the original product ordered and wait for the new product. The new product ordered will not be shipped out unless the original item ordered is returned to Tramoda. Should the initial order is not returned and the new order is already received by the customer, the new order will be charged to the customer.
  7. In accordance with health and safety concerns, the original product returned should be unopened, unused, and in good condition prior to approval of product exchange. Otherwise, product exchange may be disapproved and denied.
  8. Should the item to be replaced or returned is not available upon the filing of the request, the customer has one of the following options: wait for the item to become available in a certain amount of time, choose another item of equal value for exchange, or convert the full price of the item for credit.

We would like to remind you that Tramoda reserves the right to either limit or refuse any refund, product replacement, or product exchange for a particular request and transaction should the restrictions and requirements stated herein are not met.

Furthermore, Tramoda reserves the right to revise and amend the Return and Exchange Policy at any given time without prior notice.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take before I receive the refund?

Tramoda guarantees to grant your refund as soon as the concern is accurately assessed and approved. Refund will be given either as a credit for your next purchase with us or full money paid directly based on the payment method used – credit or debit card, Bitcoins, or E-check. Expect refund instantly upon the settlement of your concern.

Please note that Tramoda has no control over the processing periods or the time required by respective credit card companies to acknowledge the refund. In most credit card companies, the refund will be reflected in the accounts by the next billing cycle.

How much do I expect to get back if I requested a refund?

Whether you will be granted full or partial refund depends on a lot of factors. We grant a full refund and/or replacement on all damaged or unsatisfactory products. This translates to products that did not meet the expectations of the customer – based on effectivity and condition upon delivery – in which Tramoda will account liable for.

However, in some cases, partial refund and/or replacement will be given to customers should they have insufficient claim on the quality of the product deemed unacceptable. This condition also applied to refunds and returns with insufficient order details and verification.

Are there any non-refundable fees?

None. If granted a full refund, you will be refunded with the total cost of the item/s you purchased.

What are the requirements for product replacement or exchange?

For customer-initiated product replacement or exchange, the original product should be in great condition. This constitutes the product to be unopened and unused. Otherwise, replacement or exchange will not be accepted.

However, for product replacement due to unsatisfactory products, the item can be shipped back as is. It will be replaced with a brand new item.

For product returns and exchanges, who will shoulder the shipping costs?

For product returns requested within the allowed 30-day period, all shipping costs shall be credited to Tramoda. On the other hand, shipping costs for product exchange shall be shouldered by the customer if the original product was already delivered and received.

Can I cancel my orders?

Should you change your mind about your orders, you are allowed to contact us for cancellation and full refund of payment. However, cancellation will only be applied if the order is not yet processed.

If the items purchased are already shipped, the customer may still wish to return the products for a full refund given that the shipping costs rendered will be charged to the customer.


Tramoda will be more than happy to answer all your concerns and queries. You can easily contact us through our website. We promise to reach out to you as soon as possible.

Should you need further clarifications with our Return and Exchange Policy, please feel free to contact us through our website. Please inform us should you find any inconsistencies with our policies. We will be more than welcome to answer all your questions and queries.

You can also contact us to inquire about the status of your refund, return, or exchange. Kindly indicate the information and detail of your complaint about easier correspondence. We will try the best we can to answer your queries in the soonest possible time.